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And so it begins…

Posted on: September 4, 2008

I honestly don’t know how people live in houses that they are trying to sell. It took us about an hour and a half this morning to “hide” our lives and make our home ready for the real estate agent open house today. And that doesn’t reflect all the nights that we spent cleaning and organizing to get ready. How I long to just vegetate in front of the tv for a night.

We decided to drive into work today since we missed the last train shuttle this morning. As we sit in Lincoln tunnel traffic I am very grateful we do have the train to take most days. But I digress…

I have mixed emotions about selling our house at the moment. The house we loved did not wait for us and we have yet to find another place that feels like we could make it our home. If we sell, I’ll most likely have to work in corporate a but longer so we can spend a little more to get a nicer, bigger place in a neighborhood where we won’t have to lojack the car. If we don’t sell, I can quit my job without worrying, as I know we can comfortably live on Jay’s salary alone while I take the steps to move forward with opening a SweetElement storefront.

I’m leaving it up to the universe now. I’ve put ample time and effort towards both scenarios, so I think now it’s time to see which actions speak louder to the masses. Bakery or house?

In the meantime, we shall live in an impecable house so clean that my mother would be proud and that makes us feel like we are living in a stranger’s digs.

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