Who’s Whisking?


“Who am I?” seems to be a question I am asking myself with greater regularity as I steadily approach the cusp of my late 30s.

At the current moment, I think I can be best described as a girl in transition.

I’ve begun the slow walk away from my life as an entrepreneur and my former cake studio, but have remained on the food path by scoring a job at The James Beard Foundation.

I’m also …

A first generation hybrid. An only child married to another only child, with a ticking time clock on her uterus that her mother eagerly reminds her of. A picky food lover. A collector of books, typewriters, and various ephemera, with a weakness for all things cute, and an exceptional soft spot for animals and sparkle. A creator of a multitude of things – with yarn, food, photography, and words. A strong willed introvert learning how to navigate this extrovert-centric world. A lover of travel, even if it is mostly through the international aisle at the grocery store most days. A chronic suburbanite trying desperately to move to the city, with long term dreams of a cottage at the beach filled with two, three & four legged friends, food, and fun.


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